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How to play Piano from scratch practicing only 15 minutes a day

Regular people from all ages has played piano as they’ve always dreamed by applying this new, different and shocking method…

No Boring Methods
No Tiresome Theories
No boring exercises

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Hi, I'm Michael

And some while ago I was exactly like you!

I’ve always dreamt of being a pianist, of playing my favorite songs in this awesome and magical instrument. I started with a lot of difficulties but I insisted until I started to play some very simple musics.

Everything looks like repetitive, the methods were boring and the theories were infinite, but I just wanted to play my favorite songs.

And then I always asked myself…

If I only want to play my favorite songs, do I really need to learn all this boring methods of classical music?

Then I started to seek what did the famous musicians that I admired do behind the scenes to improve themselves?

And I figured out that their success had nothing to do with how many techniques or methods they knew, it has to do with the principles of the right method…


It's obvious that what I was doing before (and perhaps it's what you're doing now) would never work.

My eureka moment (when everything clicked) was when I realized that I could play my favorite songs before understands everything!


After a long road as teacher and professional musician since 2010 and after frustrate myself with countless tries…

In 2017 I launched the, since then Ive been helping thousands os people from all ages to realize this old dream os playing piano and from scratch.

The school has already receives some awards as the best online platform of content of piano in Brazil and now here in the US, with more than 15.000 students that have already gotten their certificates.

And I decided to tell you some secrets and to show you how it's easy to play piano and as you've ever wanted inside a new book that will make everything easier to you...

The book Piano In Just 3 Weeks is

The easiest and quickest way of realizing
your dream of playing piano

And all your favorite songs from scratch in just 3 weeks.

No boring methods

No tiresome theories

Regardless your age

With this book in your hands

You won’t need anymore to practice boring and repetitive methods and exercises.

You will learn the method that I use to teach regular people from all ages (since kids to elderly) to play piano from zero without leaving your house.

It will get much easier to practice and fell more confident to play any song and still impress your family and friends.

You’re going to have access to the step-by-step to study the right way, having fun in practical and straight to the point way.

This means that realize your dream will fun and enjoyable, knowing exactly what you need to play and what to practice.

Here are the secrets you will have access to:


How to play your first music on the piano practicing only 15 minutes a day

Você terá acesso ao método ideal, para você tocar sua primeira música em menos de 7 dias.


Learn All 12 Musical Notes in 15 Minutes (Page 23)

A maneira mais simples de aprender todas as notas musicais, sem você precisar ficar passando horas tentando decorar ou consultando em métodos ou revistinhas de música.


How to learn piano, even if you weren't born gifted for music.

No matter your age or if you were born with a gift for music, all you need to do is follow these 7 elements.


The fastest learning process (Page 10)

You’ll have access to the step-by-step method for playing the piano in less than 21 days, so you’ll have a handy guide of what to do day after day, which means you’ll fulfill your dream in days, not years.

And more:


How to Unlock Your Fingers by Following These 3 Simple Techniques

Você terá acesso ao método ideal, para você tocar sua primeira música em menos de 7 dias.


Master the Harmonic Field in a Simple and Practical Way

You will understand in practice everything about the harmonic field, which means that you will be able to bring more life and emotion when playing any song. (Page 50)


The Simple 3-Step Formula for Making Major and Minor Chords

And their inversions without having to decorate. That means you don’t have to spend hours memorizing the chord names, just do this simples step-by-step and you’ll have the chord you want. (Page 26)


3 Simple and Practical Exercises to Play Any Music by Ear

Discover these simple little “tricks” to develop your musical ear, that means being able to play the songs you love, without depending on sheet music, tabs or ciphers. Plus, follow along with singers and improvise with confidence. (Page 51)

See how it's the book inside:

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As you can see, the book Piano In Just 3 Weeks is helping regular people from all ages to achieve their dream of playing piano and from scratch. 

What I ask you is:
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Did you forget the name or which chord to do? You can just see this dictionary anytime! 

Do you have difficulties in remembering chords and their inversions? Problem solved!

With this bonus, you will have access to all the major and minor chords without decorating!

You call also print this if you want to!


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Are you scared of how much buttons and functions your instrument have? 

With this bonus you’re going to learn about the majority functions and how to use them the right way. This will fasten your learn at least 10 times. 

This also means you’ll realize your dream 10 times faster as well!


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This guide will help you buy your first or next instrument without losing time searching for it.

This guide was an important key on helping more than 2.000 people buying their piano without the frustration of seeking for months or spending a lot of money.

This bonus will show all you need to know (brands, models, prices etc.) to make your choice wisely.


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bonus 4 - community

Exclusive access to my students’ community.

Paying for an exclusive teacher can be expensive, and I believe the access to the professor and other people with the same goal as yours, make the learning process more powerful.

That’s why I decided to create the community where you can share your experiences and ask questions with me o my team throughout a year.

This community is usually exclusive of my most expensive courses that costs above $997. But today, I’m giving it to you, for free.

$ 297.00

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Piano In Just 3 Weeks

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30 days of Warranty

If you ask for your money back, I let you keep the book and the bonus. Yes, that’s it!

But Michael, isn’t going to have a lot malicious people trying to steal from you? Yes, unfortunately it does. 

But this is a warranty for you, to higher up your trust in what I’m telling you. So even though I have this risk, I’m giving my maximum for you to really try this life changing experience.  

You only have advantages here. 

This offer will ends in:

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Are you still in doubt?

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This book has a 30 day warranty. If within that time you don’t like the book, we’ll refund your money and still allow you to keep the digital book.
We know, it’s too good to be true, but it’s just that we believe in the transformation potential of this book so much that we risked doing it that way just to make you feel safer.

No. This is an e-book. That means this is a digital only book that can be read in your phone, computer, tablet or printed.

Yes. The focus of Piano in Just 3 Weeks is for beginners that doesn’t know absolutely nothing about music and/or piano.

It has all the principles you need to go from scratch to play your first complete song with chords, fingering and using both hands.

Yes. This book has been optimized so that younger or older people can learn the same way.

For children, the only minimum requirement is to know how to read fully and be able to assimilate theoretical concepts into practice.

Yes, this book comes in PDF format, so you are able to print as you prefere. 

A simple decision that can change everything

  TOTAL VALUE $525.00  

For just $47

one-time payment 

Digital PDF only version. Printed version not available in your region/country. You can still print the PDF and read on paper if you want.

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